Sunday Special


Sunday Special

Where are Nagraj and Chacha Chaudhary in the age of manga and Marvel

As youngsters are hooked on anime, manga and Marvel, Naruto and Captain America have replaced Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva as household names. The Indian superheroes present at every book stall and railway station have vanished. How did the Indian comic industry lose its plot? And is there a way to breathe life into it again?

Sunday Special

How women are turning home kitchens into successful businesses

Thousands of women across India have commercialised their kitchen to supplement their family income. Some have turned into successful full-fledged businesses. What does it take to start cloud kitchens, how are they run and how much do these women end up making?

Sunday Special

Economy in drain, Pakistan losing its brain, at record rate

Pakistan saw a record number of over 8 lakh people leaving the country. That too just in the first six months of the year. Among them were a lakh highly trained professionals, hinting at a huge brain drain from the country facing a crumbled economy and plagued by Islamic fundamentalism.


Sunday Special

So, you have written a book? Here's how you can get it published

How does one get a book published? How does self-publishing and the hybrid model stack up against traditional publishing? Here's the answer to all that and how publishing startups are breathing fresh life into the age-old industry and helping many writing dreams come true.



Murder caught on camera, but why cops hunt for evidence

In a world where it's difficult to escape being captured on CCTV cameras, violent crimes are increasingly getting recorded. Even when murders are caught on camera, why do the police painstakingly collect evidence, hunt for the murder weapon and recreate the crime scene?


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How OTT is firing up our love for Hindi poetry

In recent times, OTT platforms have given space to many creators to experiment with content. And two recent OTT releases last month have started a new trend or rather revived an old one -- our love for Hindi poetry.

How OTT is firing up our love for Hindi poetry (Illustration: India Today/Vani Gupta)

Sunday Special

The sweet origins of your favourite mithai

We love our mithais. But did you ever wonder how and where these sweets originated? Here's how the gulab jamun, Mysore pak, imarti and your other favourite sweets had their intentional or serendipitous origin, and much more.

The sweet origins of your favourite mithai. (Image courtesy: Rahul Gupta  for India Today)

Sunday Special

Behind the Chola Sengol in new Parliament building, a long-term plan for Tamil Nadu

Before the Sengol were the cultural sangamams (confluence), organised by the BJP, all attempts to remind Tamil Nadu of its glorious history of conquests and strong Hindu roots. The party hopes its series of overtures towards Tamil culture and people will help it stage a Bengal-like coup in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu.