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Opinion Columns

Through hell and back in Jadavpur University

There are Swapnodeep Kundus all over Jadavpur, who come with hopes of escaping their smalltown lives for the glitter of Kolkata. That glitter is a mirage most of the time.

Jadavpur University is among the top-3 institutes of West Bengal.

Opinion Columns

No-trust motion: Battle for perception, not numbers

The no-confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha, the Opposition’s last resort to compel Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak on the ongoing Manipur crisis on the floor of the house, will come into play on Tuesday.

Opinion: No-trust motion – Battle for perception, not numbers

Opinion Columns

Solution to the politics of hatred and the folly of last century

The apex court has appointed a three-member judicial committee headed by Justice Gita Mittal, with Justice Asha Menon and Shalini Joshi as the other members. The root of the current conflict lies in the verdict of the Manipur High Court on April 20.

Justice Asha Menon, Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Shalini Joshi. (Photo: Author)

Opinion Columns

Time to disband IAS

This band of IAS has become non-adoptive, rusty and outdated. For the vision of our PM Modi to take India to the league of developed nations, we must disband the IAS.


Opinion Columns

The burden of ethnicity - Mizoram’s response

When the video showing the two young Kuki women being paraded naked went viral on July 19, even the otherwise benign Mizos lost their cool and certain groups issued a statement on July 21 asking Meiteis residing in Mizoram to leave “for their own safety”.

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