Jadavpur University death: Suspicious letter found from diary of deceased fresher

While probing the Jadavpur University student death case, the Kolkata Police found a letter supposedly written by the deceased.

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Swapnodeep Kundu died after falling from second floor of Jadavpur University hostel (Photo: File)

A shocking revelation has come to the fore in the Jadavpur University student death case wherein the Kolkata Police has found a diary “belonging” to Swapnodeep Kundu, a first-year student who died after falling from the second-floor balcony of his university hostel.

In the diary, the police have come across a letter that purportedly the student wrote addressing the dean of the university.


The letter, supposedly written by Swapnodeep, claims that he was being threatened by his seniors about the raging culture of the university.

In the letter, a senior named Rudra allegedly intimidated the deceased student about the hostel culture that included obeying seniors and smoking weed.

According to the allegations stated in the letter -- the senior said to the deceased student they would throw a person from the rooftop if he denies obeying their orders.


Meanwhile, police are examining the letter -- which has the deceased student’s name and signature -- to establish its authenticity. The police are also trying to figure out if the student wrote the letter out of free will or was pushed to jot down the allegations.

“The most suspicious element of the letter is the date (August 10) as the student fell down from the balcony at about 11:45 pm on August 9. Why would he write a letter mentioning the next day's date? Police have seized the letter and are examining it,” said a police source.

The source also said that samples of Swapnodeep's handwriting had also been collected from the residence to match it with the letter.

India Today has also learnt from a source that Rudra, who has been named in the letter, is from a rival group of students who has been identified and arrested so far. Therefore, police are suspecting someone else might have written the letter to frame or save someone else.

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Rajeev Singh
Published On:
Aug 13, 2023